Giveaways Galore!

In partnership with RGM and Mercedes, we got a chance to test drive the new Mercedes GLK for a week. We will be blogging about our experience this past week with their new budget-friendly SUV that they have come out with and we get to offer a giveaway for each day that we rode in it.

I wish I could give each of you one of these cars, but unfortunately that wasn’t in the budget. Instead, I will be offering up a $50 Visa Gift Card to one lucky reader for each post. That is $250 in giveaways that I will be sending out to you.

You can watch the journey unfold as we received the car in the middle of a good ol’ Midwest blizzard. When else would you want a good car to drive around that could get your husband to work safely?

Please be sure to get in your entries and I will be sure to highlight all these giveaways in our Apron Full of Giveaways round-up tomorrow!

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