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WSBT-TV: Tips for a Fun & Frugal Valentine’s Day

Featured today on WSBT was a segment that I did on celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget. This goes along with our Valentine’s Day article full of tips for saving cash.

I mentioned that is a great place to get gift certificates for your evening out. We do have an affiliation with the company, but I recommend it because it really can save families money. I checked their current promotions and they are offering gift certificates for 60% off with an additional 25% discount from deLaFlowers. This offer is good through February 6th using coupon code SUPER when checking out. Use this provided link to access this deal! If you want to understand more about how this program works, you can read my personal review of this program.

Just to be sure you don’t miss it, listen for a tiny voice in the background on the segment. Emily was particularly wild that day, but Cari said it would just help people believe me more that I really am a mom and really do have children. Emily won’t hold still for any camera shots, but she was having a great time in the playroom while we shot our segments.

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Amy Clark

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