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WSBT-TV: Hosting a Game Day Party

Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch so my scheduled segment did not air and it ended up being a repeat this week on my WSBT Mom’s First segment. The good news is that the first time it ran, I didn’t have a link yet to the video, but now I do and can share it with everyone.

This segment goes along with my discussion awhile ago on Frugal Hacks and shares more tips for hosting a game day party without spending a lot of cash.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Next week I will be discussing ways to save on your holiday baking. I will be working frantically on an article to go along with this discussion so keep your eyes peeled. A new article compiling my wrapping ideas will also be featured this next week on our site.

If you have suggestions for a future segment, please email me at It would mean a lot to me especially with the holidays fast approaching!

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Amy Clark

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