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Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Free Up Pantry Space & Make a Snack!

Is it my favorite day of the week yet? Well, it must be! It is Works-For-Me-Wednesday and that means I get a whole bunch of great ideas to use for my family, courtesy of all the great ladies who participate each week. Welcome to this week’s installment of Works-For-Me Wednesday! Don’t forget to stop by Shannon’s blog to view her weekly idea & all of the other great participants. Swing by my entry last week and learn how to get rid of…, regift all of those craft projects your children bring home to you.

This week, I want to discuss a great way I have found to free up pantry space for our family. It seems like we constantly have this shuffle of boxes with half a serving of food in them, particularly those cereal boxes. Now, we know how much space these take up and it is usually wasted space until we buy the same brand of cereal (no, no, you cannot mix two varieties of cereal in this house!) and can actually fill a whole bowl.

Now instead of waiting for this to happen, I make my son mommy’s special trail mix. Whatever we need to unload (within reason) goes into the trail mix. Raisins, cereal, peanuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, Easter candy (those random snack size things of M&M;’s), sunflower seeds, granola, etc.. I put a variety of items in a container and then give them a little shake. This power food goes into a Dollar Tree container (hard plastic so it doesn’t get smashed) and I keep it in my purse for all of those snack emergencies. It is much more interesting than a baggie of crackers and he looks forward to seeing what is in the mix each day. That buys me at least five minutes while we are at the store or are out running errands.

That is what Works for Me! Looking forward to reading everyone’s entries this week- I learn so much from these ladies!

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Amy Clark

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