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Just wanted to share the latest and greatest in this week’s carnivals & festivals.

The Carnival of Debt Reduction (# 38) is up over at the Mighty Bargain Hunter. She has included only the links to those that actually fit the profile (carnival of debt reduction=debt reduction blog entries). Our Sharing the Bounty entry made the cut. Thank you to our faithful Mighty Bargain Hunter for including us in this week’s carnival. Aridni will be hosting next week.

The Carnival of Personal Finance (#51) has traveled over to MapGirl’s Fiscal Challenge. MapGirl highlights her personal faves and showcases the best of the best in the carnival. Our Frugal Teacher Gift was included this week.

Finally, The Festival of Frugality(#26) has been posted over at Value Investing & a Few Cigar Butts. This guy is amazing- fifteen years old and already hosting a festival! It is his first and he did an excellent job. You have to love someone with ambition like that!

Frugal Momma’s Top Picks:

Frugal Upstate has a great blog entry on how to beat the heat during these hot summer days. Jenn comes up with inventive (and cost-effective) ideas for keeping cool.

Stop Buying Crap has a great entry on how to choose a lender for consolidating your student loan debt. We have finally made the decision to deal with this and I am breathing a sigh of relief now that we have lowered in and locked into our interest rate. PLEASE PLEASE, if you haven’t taken advantage of consolidating, be sure to do this BEFORE July 1st! Be sure to read this blog entry to help guide you in choosing the best lender for you & your family.

Young & Broke has blogged about Dave Ramsey and his radical approach to dealing with debt. I have read some of his books and agree with some of his philosophies (particularly the ones that are highlighted in her blog entry) so this is definitely worth a peek. It is a radical way of dealing with your debt, but when you are in the poor house, you need radical measures to get you back on track.

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Amy Clark

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