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Unofficial Snow Day

So I finally saw the ghost today….

Nah, not really, but that is how boring my life is these days. I am now making up stories just to keep the two people that read this (two=me & my hubby) interested in reading about my not-so-interesting life.

Today was (guess what?) another unofficial snow day! Ethan was a sick little guy this morning with a hacking cough and a nose that just couldn’t seem to stop running. Every single time he sneezes, I literally bolt over to him because he is having those nasty explosive sneezes and either does not care when this happens or doesn’t seem to notice that he is covered in snot. Any mother of a toddler, who can’t blow their nose, knows exactly what I am talking about when I say EXPLOSIVE!

The only good part about him being sick is that I can get unlimited snuggle time, which he no longer has time for, and he wears his pajamas all day long (the cute footed zip-up kind) which I think are the cutest things in the whole world.

I, unfortunately, do not look quite as cute in my pajamas because they consist of two pieces of clothing that I found in the dark and threw on before falling into bed at midnight and passing out. I also have had two cups of coffee, no food, and have not taken a shower and the time is approaching the 2PM hour. I am the absolutely PERFECT candidate for why stay-at-home moms can get such a bad rap.

But, hey, who the heck cares! I deserve an unofficial snow day and as long as I get dressed before the hubby gets home, who will be the wiser??

Wait, honey, do you actually read this?

Hurrah for snow days!!

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Amy Clark

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