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**Traveling With Children**

I ran across these great tips from Fine Living on how to survive trips with your children. I thought they were great and worth sharing…

Traveling is challenging with young kids, especially when they’re away from the routines and comforts of home. It’s not uncommon for parents on a family vacation to spend more time trying to cheer up cranky kids than actually enjoying the trip itself. “A little creative planning can help keep the kids busy and happy when traveling, and make things easier on you,” says Sheila Ellison, co-author of the book 365 Way to Raise Great Kids.

  • Try a Treasure Hunt
    When no one is looking, hide little treasures, like candy, small toys, etc., in the hotel room or play area.
  • Put on a Play With Hand Puppets
    Stage an impromptu puppet show with puppets you keep with you. Use the back of the front seat as your stage and entertain the kids in the back while you travel. Then, hand the puppets to the kids and let them entertain you for a while.
  • Collect and Send Postcards
    Most restaurants and hotels offer free postcards and filling them out with the kids can be a fun activity. Have the kids write whatever they want about how they spent the day, from what they ate to what sights they saw. Then address them to your own home and drop them in the mail. When you get back, the postcards will serve as a sort of diary of your trip.

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