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This Week in Festivals & Carnivals

Here is what is happening in this week’s carnivals & festivals.

The Carnival of Debt Reduction is over at No Credit Needed.
Must Read Article: How I Reduced My Credit Card Interest Rates (they used, which is a people-to-people lending service that I had never heard of).

The Carnival of Family Life was hosted by Tired but Happy.
MotherLoad Article: Back-to-School Lunch Ideas
Must Read Article: The Best Financial Advice My Family Members Gave Me (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! Kira teaches us what we should be taking the time to do with our very own children, when talking about finances with them)

The Festival of Frugality was hosted by our favorite celebrities this week. People like Bob Saget, Chuck Norris, & Fred Flinstone all share their extremely unique points of view on the festival this week. I must say that Mel Gibson did the best job out of all of them. Punny Money totally cracked me up today!
MotherLoad Article: Making Your Own Foamy Soap
Must Read Article: Craiglist First Impressions: Lots of Scammers (interesting read as they have just added our area to this free classifieds resource list).

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted over at Get Rich Slowly.
MotherLoad Article: Adventures in Shipping
Must Read Article: Keep track of 95% of Your Accounts in 1 Place (he shares about an online service called Yodlee, which again, I had never heard of. Looks like a great thing to look into!).

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Amy Clark

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