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**The Beacon Street Girls**

Dr. Beth, who writes for our website (check the parenting section), is involved in a great new series of books for girls between the ages of 9-13. These books are called, “The Beacon Street Girls” series published by the B*tween Productions, Inc. These books have been featured in Working Woman’s magazine, Inc. Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Teen Magazine, and the Boston Globe.

The author was frustrated by a lack of books, products, and places where her daughters and friends could celebrate those frustrating (and complicated) times of life. She wanted to create a series of books that would be fun and also create empowering and upbeat messages that would teach tweens that values, friendships, and community service can all be fun & rewarding.

As a child, I was drawn to books like Sweet Valley Twins & Babysitter’s Club which, at the time, addressed the issues of my generation. It seems like these types of books are difficult to find anymore and there are few positive influences in our child’s life. Think of these books as a great way to have an even more positive influence on your child.

I always love a freebie, and The Beacon Street Girls website also offers fun no-sew crafts & party snacks for the tween in your life.

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Amy Clark

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