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Taking a Look at Our Electrical History

The comment thread on electric bills has sparked a question. How much is my average electrical bill in the summer and just how much did my frugal endeavors help us decrease our bill? I took a look at our 36 month history and this is the actual breakdown for how much electricity we used.

6/27/2007 978 $72.46
5/29/2007 888 $66.90
4/27/2007 804 $61.86
3/29/2007 1043 $76.66
2/27/2007 1051 $77.16
1/30/2007 1248 $89.11
12/27/2006 1252 $88.87
11/21/2006 837 $63.42
10/24/2006 839 $63.56
9/27/2006 1198 $85.55
8/25/2006 1282 $90.71
7/26/2006 1043 $76.06
6/28/2006 885 $66.37
5/30/2006 894 $66.93
4/27/2006 681 $53.91
3/28/2006 841 $64.06
2/27/2006 798 $61.40
1/27/2006 824 $62.93
12/28/2005 740 $57.46
11/28/2005 864 $65.06
10/24/2005 700 $55.00
9/28/2005 1240 $87.64
8/26/2005 1292 $90.80
7/28/2005 1415 $98.37
6/27/2005 1112 $79.89
5/31/2005 728 $56.49
4/27/2005 707 $55.17
3/29/2005 755 $57.55
2/28/2005 745 $56.94
1/27/2005 1004 $72.58
12/28/2004 1116 $79.34
11/23/2004 809 $60.84
10/25/2004 765 $58.18
9/28/2004 1239 $86.74
8/26/2004 950 $69.33
7/29/2004 1247 $87.35

You can see how much our electric bill has gone up and down these past three years. I can’t really put my finger on one single thing that we did to he
lp our decreases, but I believe a number of things we did have helped contribute towards our lowered electric bills.

1. We got a new air conditioner. When we bought this house, it had a beast of an air conditioner. The air conditioner was the original to the house and our house was built in 1967. The energy it took to run it cost us extra money. The new air conditioner is much more energy efficient so it has helped our electric bills greatly.

2. We got a programmable thermostat. Unfortunately, I am home almost all of the time so there are no real set days where no one is around. It does help to program times in when we really need the cool air (when we are up and around in the house) and to be able to turn it off or down (when we are sleeping).

3. We do not use the dryer in the summer. This is a new rule this summer, but it is working well so far. It isn’t just to help with the electric bill though. It is also a secret getaway for me. I can go outside and away from everyone with an excuse that I *have* to do everyone’s laundry. No one can argue with that and it has become a great place to brainstorm new ideas for our site.

4. We open our windows when we can. We actually found screens to all of the windows in our shed, that we didn’t even know we had! We put all of our screens in and have been opening more windows to allow that cool night air in. I am not fond of our loud birds in the morning, but it is worth it to keep our bills down.

5. We are gradually making the transition toward the CFL bulbs. I have been researching prices on these and have found the best deal at our warehouse store. If you don’t have a warehouse store, look for the larger packages, as they tend to offer more savings, versus the single bulbs. When a light bulb needs replacing, we have been replacing them with the new CFL bulbs instead.

One of our contributors towards our bills being higher has definitely been the impact of the rising gas costs. If you take a look at the majority of bills now, compared to the years past, you will see a jump in your fuel surcharge. It costs the companies more to provide these services, and that has translated into higher gas prices. This, lucky for me, translates into higher bills.

As you can see, I am an open book when it comes to my bills. I think it helps me to reflect more on ways that I can improve this category and it also helps hold me accountable towards making these bills lower.

Have you ever taken a look at your electrical history? It is a fun way to see how you can make a positive impact towards lowering your bills.

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