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Small-Budget Crushes 09.20.18

I’ll take one of each please! xoxo

boyfriend cardi (several colors)

tiled mugs (gorgeous and only $10!)

woven booties

long denim shirt

solar system necklace

windproof fleece pants (several colors)

faux poncho

moto leggings

anorak jacket (several colors- what a steal!)

it’s ok throw

striped poncho avocado costume

eyeglasses tie clip simple crossbody (three colors)- use coupon code HEARTEYES for 25% off!!

monstera earrings

shoes off witches welcome mat

plaid shirt (two patterns)

knit jeggings (loads of colors and killer reviews)

hocus pocus tee

pile lined sweatpants

chunky cowl

Keep on window shopping by visitingĀ all of my Small-Budget Crushes. This post contains affiliate links!! xoxoxo

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Amy Clark

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