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Small-Budget Crushes 05.30.17

Straight Outta Dad's BBQ Cutting Board

straight outta dad’s bbq cutting board

Whisper Cotton Stripes Tee

perfect stripes tee

Softspun Flutter Shorts

softspun flutter shorts (use coupon code WKND for 40% off)

Rattan Accent Chair

rattan accent chair

Teacher Bookmark

custom teacher bookmark

Instant Water Balloons

instant water balloons

Kona BBQ Mats

kona bbq mats

Julia Straw Sun Visor

julia straw sun visor

Slouchy Cap Sleeve Top

slouchy cap sleeve top (use coupon code WKND for 40% off!!)

Polka Dotted Dress

polka dotted dress

Saltwater Sandals

Salt Water Sandals (my favorite sandal for summer!!)

Mid-Rise Soft Pants

mid-rise soft pants

Caftan Beach Cover-Up

caftan beach cover-up (40% off today- no coupon needed!)

Tees Please Holder

tees please holder

Wrap Belt Midi Dress

wrap belt midi dress  (use coupon code WKND for 40% off)

Bessie Shower Curtain

bessie shower curtain (33% off today!!)

Sunshine Appreciation Society Bag

sunshine appreciation society beach bag

Dressy Shorts

dressy shorts (several colors/patterns)

Harry Styles on Vinyl

harry styles vinyl album

Solid Wood Chess Board Set

solid wood chess board set

Wooden Wine Trough

wooden wine trough (33% off today!!)

Tie Back Tiered Sleeve Top

tie back tiered sleeve top

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Amy Clark

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