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Small-Budget Crushes 01.05.18

small-budget crushes

glacia beret glacia beret (EXTRA 40% off sale prices today- good time to stock gifts!!)

ruffled stripes top ruffled stripes top

I Want to Be Where The People Aren't Mat i want to be where the people aren’t “welcome” mat

small closet starter kit small closet organizer starter kit

coffee is my daytime wine mug coffee is my daytime wine

eucalyptus wreath eucalyptus wreath

break your spine break your spine pillow

city sweatshirt
oversized sweatshirt (perfect for leggings!!)

yearly reading log yearly reading log

rose slip on sneakers rose slip-on sneakers

weekly refrigerator organizer weekly refrigerator organizer

faux leather leggings faux leather leggings (under $20!!)

socially awkward book bag socially awkward book bag

zinc boot tray zinc boot tray

infj did you peg me for an INFJ? Choose your own pillow here!

all the light we cannot see art all the light we cannot see print (or pick your favorite book cover!)

sherpa lined cardi sherpa lined cardi

netflix and avoid people netflix and avoid people

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