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Simply Great Jeans & T-Shirts Resource List

A huge thanks to Kathy Friend for joining us this week on our podcast. I would also love to thank you for all of your questions for Kathy. We tried to answer all of the questions that were submitted so please listen in if you have made a request!

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Here are some of the resources that were highlighted in today’s episode…

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans- This is a great jean pick for women with curves. Although an investment, Kathy suggests looking at how many pairs of jeans you have that you are not wearing that have cost less and consider making one good investment into a pair of jeans that you can wear often and that will accentuate your curves.

T-Shirt Recommendations- Budget-friendly Mossimo Target T-Shirts are an inexpensive way to add some splash to your wardrobe. Other great t-shirt brands are linQ & Three Dots T-shirts.

IsABelt- Are your jeans gapping in the back? Are you in your early stages fo pregnancy and looking for a way to make your jeans fit properly? isABelt is the Original invisible belt, the MUST HAVE Fashion “fix-it” accessory. A thin, strong and flexible clear plastic belt, that virtually disappears when worn, providing you with the assurance that all is secure without even knowing it’s there. isABelt prevents back gap, slippage and of course, belt bulk and belt bulge. The isABelt solves all of these fashion issues and many more. If you would like to order one directly, please contact Kathy Friend for an order. She is selling these to help with funds for their adoption!

Swagbucks- This is my new way to earn cash towards my jeans & t-shirts this year. Sign-up for Swagbucks and simply use their search engine to search on the web, earning some great money for your shopping fixes. I signed up last week and have already earned $30 just doing my regular old searching.

Ebates- The shopping site that I would recommend everyone check before doing their shopping for your new summer clothes. Sign up today and you will earn an automatic $5 in your account for signing up. This site gives back a percentage on qualifying purchases. I always try to check here before doing any online shopping.

On next week’s show…

Next week we are joined by Trish Suhr, the amazing co-host of “Clean House” on the Style Network, to help offer us tips on keeping our homes in tip top shape. Trish has some great tips for making our homes the sanctuaries that they should be and offers valuable advice on ditching the clutter in our homes so we can truly enjoy it. Her cleaning tips will help you get back on track and we will be offering a great giveaway for our listeners sponsored by Pledge Multi Surface.

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