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Redbox Code 03.17.08

Editor’s Note: For some reason, I am having problems with my email and have not received any messages since Friday. We are trying to figure out what the problem is so I apologize if I haven’t gotten back to you on a message. Please know that we are still trying to work out the kinks and I promise to reply to messages once this has been figured out.

Today’s free code for a Redbox movie is 92X7WF. This code is good for one free movie and you can use it until midnight tonight. Enjoy a free family movie together!

Side Notes:

- If you want to rent more than one movie for free, bring more than one credit/debit card. You can use the same promotional code, you just will need different cards to charge it to. The charge will be zero as long as you return your movie on time for the next day.

- When entering in your free movie code, you need to enter it FIRST before picking the movie. On the very first screen, click the, “Rent with Promo.” Enter in the above code and then make your selection- the amount should then total zero.

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Amy Clark

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