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Yesterday was a rough day for our family. I came home from a play date to transfer laundry over to our dryer and noticed that everything was still damp in the washer. After realizing this, I got that sickening feeling that something was definitely wrong with our washer. Thankfully, nothing was wrong with our favorite appliance, but something almost as bad had happened. A .79 cheapo paint brush had lodged itself in the drain of the sink where our water drains into from our washer and had clogged the sink up. Looking down at the floor, I realized that we had a good two to three inches of water that was now covering our basement floor.

Using our teeny-tiny shop vac to try and get all the water up was very labor intensive and not as effective as those nicely sized shop vacs (note to all of you for our Christmas list next year). Ryan and I worked on getting all of the water up, but now my two hundred loads of laundry have doubled to four hundred loads of laundry since there were nice clean clothes, toys, and various other belongings lying on the basement floor. Not only that, but our basement floor also was covered with all of the things that we had moved down from our living room while we have been painting and redecorating it. I am thinking now that the room that we redecorated will forever look the way I originally set it up because all the things downstairs are water damaged. It is a good thing that I liked the way the room looked and it saved me a trip to the Goodwill box for a donation. I will have to hunt around the house for other unnecessary things to offer to them. I am sure I will be able to come up with something.

In light of our evening last night, this morning I woke up with the worst back pain ever (next to the car accident back pain) and I feel like an old woman who can barely move her body. You can imagine the fun that Ethan is having with his mommy today as I am sitting on the couch like a bum with the electric heating pad on my back. My eyes are also bloodshot and hurting so I am also wearing my, less than fashionable, glasses. This is definitely not how I had planned to spend my day.

I hope that you all are having a better day then us and please stop by again for more of my depressing blog.

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Amy Clark

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