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No Spend Challenge Day 3: Glam Up The Lunchbox

No eating out means I need to pack up lunches for my husband. I normally do this, but have a desire to make these lunches extra special so he won’t mind this No Spend Challenge so much. A sprinkle of fresh parsley and a little bit of grated cheese make his lunches a little more glamorous this month.

I truly adore cooking and I love when he opens up his containers at work, after a quick zap in the microwave, and his coworkers curse him as their stomachs growl in protest. I admit it, I am a total showoff and completely live for his work feedback.

“Did anyone say anything about your lunch?” I slyly ask. “WHAT? No one was there! They must smell this! They must!”

I live for little moments like those.

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Amy Clark

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