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No Spend Challenge 9: Opening Pandora’s Box

The laundry is laying in piles. The suitcase left unpacked. The bills lay in a stack. Do I address any of them today? Nope! I am sitting at my computer trying to play catch-up since I didn’t have my weekend time to work.

I headed to my best friend’s house this evening and left all the piles and to-dos for another day. She made me an amazing dinner that I didn’t have to prepare. The kids played, we sipped coffee, and I knitted a little. Our children ran around until their cheeks were pink and they were sweaty and out of breath. And we sat at her kitchen table and gabbed until bedtime.

I headed home to do my work and put on my favorite free radio station- Pandora. This is a picture of what it looks like on my computer. Can you guess which radio station is my husband’s in this shot? I bet it will make you giggle! He might murder me for pointing it out, but I can’t resist!

A little catch up, a little Adele, a little quiet. The best things in life truly are free!

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Amy Clark

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