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MomAdvice Is on the Move: Slow Cooked Pumpkin Butter, Organizing the Garage, Date Nights, & More

I hope you all are enjoying all of the bounties that fall brings! I have been busy writing a few other fun places that I wanted to share with you for your reading pleasure.

  • You may not realize that Goodwill experiences a dip in donations around this time of year, but it does! When summer winds down people often do not donate as much and this creates a shortage of product for Goodwill. That is why I think it is the perfect time of year to discuss cleaning out your garage and making room for your cars before the winter season approaches, while creating donations that will help Goodwill thrive during this time of year. I am making my third haul from our garage and basement this week and wanted to share how you can reclaim your garage over at the Goodwill Tips blog.
  • Over at the Kenmore Genius Blog,  I am disclosing just how much of a cheap date that I am. About seven years ago, we stopped being able to run out and have dinner out whenever we wanted to. My husband lost his job and it got to a point where we just didn’t have the funds to enjoy a night out on the town. As I became more acquainted with the kitchen, though, we soon realized that dinners out lacked the pizazz that we could easily get at home. In my kitchen, the food was a bit better, the atmosphere was comfortable, and we could spend a whole heck of a lot less and get a whole heck of a lot more out of an evening. Find out how you can have a great date night in on a budget too with my easy and elegant recipes.
  • Also at the Kenmore Genius Blog, we are discussing healthy snacking all school year long. Now that our family is finally into the groove of school, I am really trying to challenge myself to be more innovative with our snacking in our lunches and for after school. Be sure to snag these recipes and share your favorite smart snacking strategies.

I am participating in a fun Crockstar Confessions campaign with Walmart & Rival this month. Each day of the month, you can view a video blog and enter to win $2,500.  Be sure to join their Facebook Page to jump in on all the fun.

You can watch my video below to learn how to make my Slow Cooked Pumpkin Butter and hear my own confessions about slow cooking in my home!

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Amy Clark

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