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Menu Planning Monday 04.27.09

Here is what our next two week’s of dinners look like. I hope you can try some of these yummy recipes! You can also print out a free printable menu planner in our Downloads section to jot down ideas as you are planning this week.

1. Chicken Cooked in Milk, Mashed Potatoes, & Baby Peas

2. Herb Baked Tilapia, Lemony Rice Pilaf, & Roasted Green Beans

3. Chicken Enchiladas With Homemade Enchilada Sauce & Mexican Rice

4. Homemade Waffles, Homemade Syrup, Hash Brown Potatoes, & Orange Juice

5. Homemade Pizza With The World’s Greatest Slushies

6. Ground Beef Tacos With Tortilla Chips

7. Old-Fashioned Spaghetti & Meatballs with Homemade Breadsticks

8. Chicken & Broccoli Lo Mein With Brown Rice

9. Grilled Steaks, Baked Potatoes, Roasted Green Beans, & WHO Bread

10. Homemade Pizza With Milkshakes

11. Piggy Pancakes, Homemade Syrup, Hash Brown Potatoes, & Orange Juice

12. Chicken Italiano Over Spaghetti with Roasted Green Beans

13. Rotini With Turkey Meatballs

14. Panini Night (Turkey, Swiss, Prepared Pesto on Sourdough Bread)

Please visit I’m An Organizing Junkie to get even more great menu planning ideas for the week!

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Amy Clark

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