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Make It From Scratch #22

Lucky for me, I get to host this week and I am looking forward to sharing all of the entries with you! Unfortunately, I was having a lot of problems receiving all of the entries and so I apologize if anyone was overlooked. It was not intentional, but just a bad technical glitch.

Please be sure to check out what is going on next week on the 23rd edition of Make it From Scratch, hosted by “…And Miles to Go Before We Sleep.”

DeputyHeadmistress presents Caraway-Seed Bread posted at The Common Room.

Warren Wong presents The Life Pursuit Of Money posted at Personal Development for INTJs. Warren says, “Why should making money be a life pursuit? Because making money actually helps people! Here’s why.”

First time making

Joy in the Morning has included a recipe for Giant Soap Bubbles. Loni shares, “Big-time bubble making is a bit like fishing. You’ll have much better luck in cool wet weather. Early evenings, nighttime and early mornings are often good. Just after a rain is ideal. Don’t throw any leftovers away either. The longer your solution sits, the better it gets.”

Michelle Mitchell presents Placemat Purses posted at scribbit.

Devildogwife presents Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies posted at Marine Corps Nomads. This is her first time creating her very own gluten free recipe. Great job!

Stephanie presents Catching the Rain posted at Stop the Ride!. She shares ways that they have found to collect rain water and cut back on her water bill. This is a great green and eco-friendly idea.

Delilah presents Bringing Home Baby…. posted at The Miller Way… This post shows how Delilah’s crafty abilities helped her make a new baby seat cover.

Laurie Bluedorn presents Experimenting with Decorations for the Wedding posted at Laurie Bluedorn.

Heather presents We TRIED Homemade Ice Cream posted at It’s all for the best. She attempted making ice cream in a coffee can, but it didn’t work out so well. I would just tell the kids that it was a science experiment and congratulate myself on being such a cool mom! Great job, Heather!

Alexandra presents Make It From Scratch/Copy Work Pages posted at Happy Hearts At Home. There are some great free and printable worksheets that you can do with your children.

Becca presents Making it from Scratch… posted at Unplugging the “Stuff” Machine.

Y-2K Hippie shares how to make a headband out of an old shirt. This looks like a fun and easy craft!

Over here at The Motherload, my son and I made thank you cards together. You can read my entry at, “Teaching my Kid to Say Thank You.”

I’ve made this before

Karen Bastille presents 50 Ideas For Filling Your Water Bin (51 if you count Water) posted at Summer With Grandmother Wren. This is a great list of materials that you can use in your child’s water table and a fun recipe for “clean mud.”

Bridget presents The Best, Hands Down, Sour Cream Enchiladas posted at And Miles To Go Before We Sleep…, saying, “Includes directions on how to fold a burrito”

GP presents Breakfast ‘Round The Campfire posted at Fish Creek House – INNside Innkeeping, GP offers, “Breakfast round the campfire.. and directions to get you there !”

Veteran Military Wife presents Remembering Your Past Duty Assignments posted at Life Lessons of a Military Wife,. She shares “This is an idea for those who move a lot and would like to remember (fondly) where they’ve been!”

Joanna presents Camping Breakfast posted at Sunflowers in my Kitchen.

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