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How to Make T-Shirt Flowers

Today’s project is a simple t-shirt flower pin made from a t-shirt in your favorite shade with a clip-on earring center to add a unique flair.

Inspiration came from a bag of clip on earrings that I found when browsing through the jewelry section of my favorite thrift store and the sea of endless t-shirts in every variety of color that you can find on their racks.

Visit my step-by-step tutorial on how to make these sweet little pins for someone in your life!

For this project you will need:
T-shirt (any size)
Spray paint in a contrasting color
Piece of card stock to make your template
One piece of felt

  • To begin, you will need to cut out eleven circles out of your old t-shirt. I used a large circle punch and created my template out of scrap card stock. You could also just trace a lid to a canning jar, if you don’t have a circle punch handy.
  • Grab your piece of felt and cut a heart out for the base of your flower or you can cut a simple felt circle.
  • Let’s make some flower petals. Fold your circle in half as shown.
  • Fold up one side of the circle that has been folded in half.
  • Fold up the other half of the halved circle and have it meet with the other side to form a petal.
  • Now hot glue the seam just a tiny bit together where the petal is gathered and then hot glue the end of the petal to the felt heart.
  • Repeat this with all four ends of the heart.
  • In the spaces left, fill in with three or four more petals.
  • Spray paint your clip on earrings in your favorite color. Allow this to dry.
  • Remove the back of the earring with a pair of pliers. Hot glue the earring to the center
  • On the back of your fabric flower, you can attach a simple jewelry pin that you can find in the jewelry section of your favorite craft store.
  • Wear your thrift store pin proudly!

Happy crafting, sweet friends!

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