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Frugal Hacks: Take a Vacation? Why Not!

Editor’s Note: This was written on Tuesday, but we have had some technical difficulties on Frugal Hacks. We are up and rolling now!

Today is my fun day because I get to do the news segment AND I get to guest write for Frugal Hacks. A magazine I got in my mail today gave me the idea for our topic. I am sharing frugal ways to vacation in your own state.

I am also looking for the best Miss America answer for what makes your state so great. I know, I know… but anyone who saw the Miss America pageant this year knows that this question is much better than asking our contestants questions about their feelings concerning Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, or Britney Spear’s sister. Seriously? Seriously? How about an African American running for office? How about a woman running for office? How about the war in Iraq? How about educating our children? How about…Well, you get the idea. I think there are far more important issues at hand. Modernize the pageant, sure, but our women can still be smart AND hip!

Head over to Frugal Hacks and share your thoughts on your state there. If you have thoughts about the Miss America pageant and the lame questions this year, leave ‘em here!

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Amy Clark

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