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Friday Freebie: Freely Treating Yourself

Today is our son’s fourth birthday! It is hard to believe that he is already that old, but time with him is passing so quickly. Since we are having a day of celebration, I will keep this post brief.

I think, as moms, we just don’t treat ourselves enough. Worse yet, we feel guilty about it. Sometimes I just feel like I am on overload with guilt- guilt from not keeping up with things around the house, guilt as the laundry mounts, guilt for not spending as much time as I would like with family…Just a big ugly dose of guilt. It is sad that we put this on ourselves and we need to realize that moms are human just like everyone else. Maybe I stand alone in this guilt, but I just had to mention why I think it is important for women to give themselves a break from it.

Every Friday, I have been trying to treat myself in some small (and free) way. Friday doesn’t have to be your day, it is just the day that I enjoy & look forward to the most. Here are some examples of things that I indulge in on Fridays:

1. Official Foot Soak Friday day. I purchased (a brand new boxed) Conair foot spa for my feet from a yard sale that I went to (only $5). Since I got this, Friday has been my official day for soaking my feet. I fill it up with water and soak my feet while I read a library book. A girlfriend suggested maybe adding powdered milk to the foot soak bath, to help soften the skin, so I am going to give that idea a try today. You don’t need a fancy foot spa for feet soaking- a dish tub works just as good and achieves the same results.

2. A long soak in the tub, with a glass of wine, and a magazine that helps me to escape (celebrity magazines always go over really well). I fill the tub with bath oil and just unwind.

3. Good music & a cup of homemade hot chai tea.

4. If I can get out of the house for the evening, I love to go to Barnes and Noble and just look at the books & magazines. I bring a small notebook and just write down the books that I really would like to read. This goes into my Wish List or I hit the library and pick them up there.

5. A movie- and this one is just for me! Lifetime movies on television or I pick a good chick flick up at the library.

Please feel free to share things that you do for yourself- it will help inspire me (and hopefully you) to be good to yourself!

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Amy Clark

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