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Freebie Friday: October 20, 2006


Welcome to this edition of Freebie Friday. This is where I give everything I can to you for free. Consider it a little treat to start your weekend off right. Each week I compile a list of freebies that you can partake of.

First up, this week’s letter comes from Annabel:

I have recently fallen in love with your website! I really enjoy all of your content and I have read articles in your archives and I just printed out all of the slow cooker recipes. I wanted to pass on a link for your freebie Friday:

You can get a free rental by giving your email address for a free DVD rental! I really like the red box because it is so much cheaper than Blockbuster and I don’t have to wait for new releases at the library. You can check out a DVD at a kiosk (even place a DVD on hold online) and return it to any other location.They gave me a code word and I will enter the code into the kiosk.

I also saw that Showtime and HBO will be free to Dish network subscribers this weekend.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

Thanks to Annabel for sharing this great freebie. I actually recently had rented a movie from a Redbox for the first time and it is awesome. If you are my buddy or you are local, they have a Redbox kiosk in Martin’s Supermarket now (both the South Bend & Granger locations).

Each kiosk holds over five hundred DVDs and they add new movies each Tuesday.
This month’s coupon code is BREAKROOM (I can’t reveal my sources, but I have an insider who hooks me up).

You can order your DVD online or just flip through a touch screen to see what is available. Next you swipe your card and then it spits the movie out like a vending machine. You take the movie and are charged one dollar per day (unless you use the above coupon code and then it will be FREE!)

To return the movie, you simply shove it back in the same slot that you took it from. Movies must be returned by 7PM, in order to only be charged one day…Unless you would like to keep it and pay more!!

I guess I had never realized that this was a nationwide thing. It appears that they are making their debut in McDonald’s (dinner & a movie!) and Smith’s Food & Drug as well as supermarkets.

Thanks again to Anabel for sharing this great info and thanks to Redbox for being so innovative. It is one of those moments where I am slapping myself on the forehead wondering why I hadn’t thought of that.

My next freebie comes from my sweet buddy, Beth, who is now residing in Ohio. She shared that Dale & Thomas Popcorn is free. You do have to pay shipping & handling on it, but it is still a great deal. You can order a two pack and only pay $2.95 per bag. The flavors are dreamy (chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon) and it is one of Oprah’s favorite things! Beth suggests adding it to a gift basket to give someone a little something gourmet. Throw in a bag of cocoa & a mug and this would make a lovely treat!

Now for some more freebies:

Join LEGO Club today and receive 12 free issues of LEGO Magazine. Call 1.866.534.6258 (Mon-Fri 8-10PM or Sat-Sun 10-6PM). Give the operator this special code: EGG26. Offer is limited to one free membership per person. Please allow four to six weeks for the arrival of your first mailing.

Fill out this form to receive a free sample of Nourifusion for your skin.

Sign up to receive a free magazine and/or catalog request to Cross Country Stitching.

Get a complimentary one-year subscripiton to Horticulture Magazine. The survey is lengthy, but you can quickly select, “No Thanks” to every single offer.

Register for a free sample of the Healing Gardens Organics Wild Honey body lotion. You can expect this sample within four to six weeks.

Receive a free subscription to The Nest Magazine. This is a “mini-subscription” to their magazine and you will receive your first free issue in Spring 2007.

Get up to four Specialty Catalogs from Sears. This catalog offer includes their Wish Book, Room for Kids, Kitchens, & Power & Hand Tool Catalogs. You will receive your selections within two to three weeks.

Get your free coupons for up to $13 savings on Febreeze Products.

Register with BabyCenter and get a free subscription to their BabyCenter magazine. They offer health, beauty, fitness, & fashion tips tailored to your lifestyle.

Get a one year free subscription to Child Magazine. Quantities are limited on this one so make sure to sign up quick! You need to sign up with Start Sampling and then click no (unless you are interested) in the offers listed.

Get one Redbook magazine for free. Quantities are limited on this one too. You will also need to sign up with Start Sampling and then click no (unless you are interested) in the offers listed.

Sign up to get a free sample of PRIA Grain Essentials Orchard Apple Cinnamon Crisp bar. You can click “Skip” to the optional questions. You will receive this sample within six to eight weeks.

Sign up to receive a sample of Tasters Choice. They will send one to you for completing their short survey. This sample will arrive within six to eight weeks.

Nestle has a new Very Best Baking 2006 Holiday Magazine out. Simply fill out the form and wait to get this great freebie in the mail.

Get a free sample of Tampax Scented Pearl Tampons. You should receive this sample within six to eight weeks.

Hopefully this one will not be a dud by the time I post it because it is a great freebie. Get a free Travel Mug. You will need an 11-digit offer code (WMGOHO-2006). Your travel mug will arrive within six to eight weeks.

Sign up to receive a free subscription to Cruising World Magazine.

Get 20 free4x6 photos from Clark Color Labs.

Sign up to receive a free sample of Nicorette Fruit Chill Gum.

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