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Freebie Friday: November 10, 2006

Welcome to this week’s Freebie Friday, where I give you everything that I can for free! This is my favorite day of the week on my blog and I hope your family benefits from it as much as we have. My freebie drawer in our bathroom is literally overflowing with all of the items I have gotten. I will be prepared with shampoo, deodorant, coffee, & laundry detergent should a natural disaster strike in our area. These will also come in handy for some of my gifts and stocking stuffers this year.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement this week. It meant so much to me to know that you guys cared that much about the site & my blog. Sometimes I just need that ego boost and your comments have helped get my rear back in gear on the site. Thank you all- it has meant the world to me to know that what we are doing here has been beneficial to you & your family. Many blessings to each of you and I will continue to do my best over here in my corner of the web community.

I did want to mention, if you missed my post on Cozi, I suggest you read this blog entry because it is a great freebie that I think everyone should take advantage of. Free organizing software that is mommy friendly? Who could ask for more?

On with the freebies…

Get a free sample of Dove Shampoo for Lightened Hair. Please allow ten to twelve weeks for delivery.

Call to receive a free sample of Dove Shampoo. Call 1-800-DOVE-HAIR. Press 1 for English and then press 4 for sample kit. This sample is only going on for three days so DO NOT DELAY if you want this freebie!!

Request a sample from TeaChef and they will send you their new Cranberry tea. Should you qualify, they will send you a sample within a few days.

I have discussed this a couple of times before, but don’t forget to sign up with the Bausch & Lomb Wear & Care Program. You get tons of great freebies, including a new contact case for each month of the year. It is a great freebie and they are planning to discontinue to the program if interest doesn’t pick up. Take advantage of it while you can!

Print out this certificate and give it to your doctor for a free sample of Enfamil Formula. The samples are for Nutramigen, Enfamil Gentlease, and Enfamil A.R.

Receive a free custom photo card from Zazzle. Enter the coupon code GET1FREECARD upon checkout.

Get a free Hallmark Holiday Card. Click on the Free Sample link and then fill in the application. Your card should arrive within four weeks.

Participating St Louis & Metro East McDonald’s are having FREE Coffee Monday’s at McDonald’s. You can get a free coffee every Monday through December. For more details, please visit this link (you lucky people!)

Register to receive a free Kenmore Pur Water Bottle. This bottle retails for eight bucks! This bottle should be delivered within four to six weeks via ground shipping.

Sign up to receive an eighteen page booklet entitled, “Debt-free Holidays Handbook.” It includes tips for staying within your holiday budget, help in creating your shopping list, and help in identifying gift ideas. Please limit one per household.

Call 1-800-54AVENT to receive a coupon and free sample of their nursing pads.

Get $4 off of a Tyson Meal Kit for completing their quick survey.

Sign up to participate in the Deskjet 07 feedback program. This will give you the opportunity to test a new HP Printer. The beta program is an opportunity to evaluate and provide feedback on a pre-release version of a new Deskjet printer unit. This device will allow you to scan, copy and print documents and images. In addition, it will allow you to preview your photos and perform basic photo editing using the Photosmart Essentials software. Your commitment to actively use the products on a regular basis and provide comments and suggestions during the feedback program is critical to the success of the program. We recognize and appreciate your time in completing this profile and if you are accepted, you will be documenting your opinions of the tested product, reporting any technical issues you discover, offering suggestions on how the products could be improved in your environment, and discussing your experiences with the product team. You will be notified within two weeks if you have been accepted into the program.

GREAT coupons are now available at UPS. These coupons will deduct a portion of your total shipping charges on packages shipped through them. These coupons will definitely come in handy during the holiday season when you are strapped for cash and time.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to browse through the archives of goodies!

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Amy Clark

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