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Family Meal Planning Ideas & a Fun New Appetizer

One New Year’s resolution that I hear many families are making is to get back to eating around the dinner table together as a family and developing menu plans that really work for them. Meal planning happens to be one of my most favorite things to do in the world so I was excited to share my thoughts and ideas on menu planning this month with Snackpicks.

In this post, I detail five easy ways to make menu planning simpler and cost-effective for your family. One of my favorite ideas in this list is to incorporate a theme night into your routine or even for planning all seven days of the week. It definitely doesn’t need to be fancy, in fact, my favorite night is Sunday when it is a Seek-And-Ye-Shall-Find night (also known as eating the leftovers from the week’s meals).

Another fun theme night that we love to do is an Appetizer night. Who can resist a table full of fun small bite foods for a new take on the family meal? Luckily, Chef John is creating a Deviled Shrimp Bite appetizer that would be a fun new way to try a little seafood on your appetizer night or for your next get together. This spread incorporates the flavors of  delicious shrimp, roasted red peppers,
anise-like-flavored tarragon and pungent paprika. You definitely don’t want to miss this fun video tutorial on how to make this simple and quick appetizer for your family! Paired with my favorite spinach dip and honey barbecue wings, you would have the makings for the perfect fun food night or get together with your friends.

How often do you meal plan for your family and what tips/tricks can you offer on streamlining the menu planning process? Please share!

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Amy Clark

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