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Day 14: A No Spend Valentine’s Day Celebration

I will admit that I really did not feel like cooking this Valentine’s Day. I spent the entire day working on a Notebook Experiment (which I will share with you on Wednesday and which I failed miserably at) and I was tired of cooking and cleaning up the kitchen.

I really didn’t want to eat out of the pantry though so I threw the ingredients in the bread machine to make my pizza dough and cut all of the little pepperonis into hearts to make the kids smile.

I called the kids to the table and no one commented on the hearts.

“Ethan, look! Mommy made hearts for you & sissy for Valentine’s Day? Do you see them? Aren’t those cool! It’s because I love you so much!”

He started to smile and then pointed to one on the pizza, “That one isn’t cut right. It looks like a circle.”

Regardless, they all enjoyed the homemade pizza and then we spent the evening playing on the Wii together as a family. The rest of the evening was spent sacking out on the couch with my sweetie and savoring those quiet moments after the kids go to bed.

Maybe we will go out next year… or maybe we will do this same exact thing again, minus the cooking marathon!

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Amy Clark

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