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Cheap High Speed Internet & Other Tall Tales

Since we moved into this house, we have had high speed internet through AT&T; (formerly SBC Yahoo). When we originally signed up with this company, they were offering a promotional offer of $29.99, if you signed up for a year contract with them. At that time, this was the best deal around and we were really pleased with the rate. When my contract ended, however, my price suddenly shot up to $36.00. Why? Well, because I had not signed another contract with them so they had the right to increase my rate.

When I called the salesperson, I was not a happy camper. There was no way I was going to pay this much for our internet. After we made some small talk (what is your account number, what is your social security number, what is your blood type, etc..) I asked why my rate had increased. She told me that my contract had ended in August so they increased my rates. Little did she know that while I was on the phone with her, I was frantically going through their website to find the latest and greatest rate. I asked if I could end that contract and sign up for another year. A resounding, “Yes!” was her reply. She would give me a great deal at $29.99 a month, just like I had before. Unfortunately, my fingers had done the walking and I now knew that they actually were offering the rate of $24.99 per month. When I asked her about this, she asked me if I would like that rate instead. Um….yeah!

I asked what I could do to prevent this from happening again (because I am cheap like that). She instructed me to call her on the date that I had renewed my contract, sign up for another year, and then I could lock into the rate I was currently at.

I took this one step further the following year. I checked the current rate and saw that they were offering the internet for $19.99. When I called the customer service representative, I requested to cancel my contract and then start a new one at the advertised rate of $19.99. There was a long pause on the other end of the phone. “Now what is it you would like to do?” Again, I explained that I wanted the current rate…another longer pause. “Well, I see here that you have been a good customer with us and have paid your bills on time. We don’t normally do this, but I am willing to make an exception since you have been such a good customer.”

I now have written down in my calendar when my contract is set to expire. This gives me the opportunity to lower (or keep) my bill the same. I know that I have a date with the customer service representative on August 1st to discuss my bill and I now see that they are advertising their high speed internet at a mere $12.99.

Ah yes, I pity the fool who must answer my telephone call because I do not back down for THE MAN.

Don’t you just love America?

Published June 15, 2006 by:

Amy Clark

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