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Boogity,Boogity Boo!

This week I discovered that my child is starting to have quite the imagination. He is just beginning to make up stories with his Thomas trains and Little People sets. They are quite elaborate stories of car crashes, going up really tall mountains, and someone always saying, “Oh no!” I really enjoy listening to him from another room and getting to be part of his story without him knowing that I am. Isn’t it fun to spy on our kids?

I have also found his baby monitor gives me the inside scoop on what he thinks about before he goes to bed. Usually he is reading his story to himself or singing a song. The latest song on his Billboard charts is, “Jingle Bells.” He starts out strong belting, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…” Then the rest of his lyrics start to get a little fuzzy. He then sings, “Oh what fun it is najlweylkwjerlkjwerlkfjal;kjf;alkfjalkfja, hey!” And yes, it really does sound like that to us. I have realized that unless he gets his act together soon that he will not be trying out for American Idol next season. You can imagine our disappointment in him.

Now I am TOTALLY loving that my kid has a wild imagination, that is up until recently. As I am even typing this, I realize that we will never be able to sell our home again after I disclose this piece of information on here, but I have a confession… Ethan has discovered a ghost.

Now I realize that at some stage children become afraid of the boogie man and the dark, but this is creepier then that. My child is not afraid of the ghost and is rather matter of fact about it all. He actually likes the ghost and has made friends with him.

For instance, I am home with Ethan by himself and he will come into the kitchen and say, “Look mommy, the ghost.” Not scared at all- just trying to inform his mother who is just a teeny bit freaked out about the supernatural and not really wanting to know if there is a ghost in our home or not. At first I would say things like, “A ghost? Well, where is he?” Ethan would then say, “In there (*pointing to our front room*). Under the table.”

I have now made the discovery that I would rather NOT know where the ghost is residing although Ethan continues to give me a play by play on which room he is moving to. “Oh no! Ghost is upstairs,” he will say. “Ghost went downstairs now. Bye ghost.” He is reporting all of this in his sweet tiny little two year-old voice. A voice, in my opinion, that should not even utter the word “ghost” as far as his momma is concerned.

Now tell me- wouldn’t you be freaked out??

Can’t we go back to the elaborate Little People stories or the Thomas the Tank Engine stories? What ever happened to the sweet innocent stories of Thomas being pushed by the nasty Troublesome Trucks? What happened to Thomas being laughed at by Percy for being so small? Wait now that I think about it, I don’t particularly care for those story lines either…

The unfortunate thing about our ghost though is that once you have crossed over to the Dark Side that there is no turning back. The supernatural is going to be a part of our everyday life or, at the least, until Ethan comes up with a new story.

Oh, and the ghost said to tell you all hello and boogity, boogity, boo!

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Amy Clark

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