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Amy’s Notebook 12.14.16

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Casserole source: foodie crush

I’m dying to make this slow cooker mediterranean casserole for a Christmas morning treat!

Packaging a book like this would certainly make the gift even more special for a bookworm.

I can’t wait to try this Japanese gift wrapping technique!

Whoa, over 55,000 of you viewed this recipe this week. I hope you are making loads of these for your gluten-free friends just trying to get through the holidays!

I love these ideas for small scale holiday decorating!

I do love a good book cover!

This is such a great reminder that mental strength often comes from the things you DON’T do.

If you need an escape from the holiday craziness, this book has me in stitches this week! I’m surprised by the negative reviews- it’s been a relatable, quirky, and light read for me.

Christmas Paper Office Decorations

source: the house that lars built

Absolutely wowed by what one ream of paper can do to make an office feel festive.

I love twinkle lights, don’t you?

These Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts look like a great holiday gift to share!

Pantone’s color of the year is getting a mixed reception. What do you think?

This slow cooker chicken and wild rice soup is going on this week’s menu plan!

Free Customizable Gift Tags from Our Best Bites

source: our best bites

Aren’t these gift tags gorgeous? Best part? Customizable to your packaging- yay!

Yes, the pajama drawer has gotten waayyy out of hand.

Are you guys picking up a new hobby too? This happened to be your top purchase this week. Can you help teach me?

I’m going to be making a birthday cake next week for my little girl. What a beautiful reminder of all that it stands for!

This slow cooker fudge recipe would be a great gift to share this year.

I love to read my friend’s favorite books of the year. Stay tuned for mine!

This list of board games for a crowd had some great picks that I haven’t heard of before!

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