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Amy’s Notebook 12.07.16

Daily Goal Tracker

source: enJOY it

I love this daily goal tracker worksheet.

This Mediterranean pull-apart bread looks like a fun and easy appetizer.

The perfect person just bought the, “Full House,” house.

After hitting the art museum this past weekend, I loved this honest museum audio tour.

This is shaping up to be my dream grocery store– YES!

30 crowd-please non-awkward movies to watch with your relatives.

What it REALLY is like being an Instagram influencer. Hmmmm…?!?!

Take your salt dough ornament game up a notch.

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

source: serious eats

Great tips for nailing the perfect roasted potatoes.

I love these tips for adding completer pieces to your wardrobe.

Never accept pickle juice in your career- amen.

I love this gathering of fun holiday diy ideas.

Adding spaghetti squash to this week’s menu plan after seeing these spaghetti squash pizza boats. YUM!!!

Pom-Pom gnomes– so cute!! I love this pom-pom maker for nailing the perfect pom-poms.

Foolproof Ways to Fake an Expensive Home

source: apartment therapy

5 foolproof ways to fake an expensive home.

Reflections on a year of no-spending.

I’ve been under the weather this week so I’ve been wrapped up in my heated throw and reading one of my favorite reads this year.

Styling tips for those blanket scarves. Don’t own one? Try making one with our no-sew blanket scarf tutorial.

Did you see this year’s NPR Book Concierge? So proud that I read 12 from this list (and counting!)

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