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Amy’s Notebook 05.03.17

Breakfast Meal Prep

source: damn delicious

I love this strategy for tackling breakfast meal prep so you can eat a good breakfast.

Professional organizers share their tips on how to keep order in spaces under 500 feet. I had never heard of the 3-4-3 rule!

I’ve been all wrapped up in this book this week. REALLY different than anything I’ve read.

I must try this make-ahead risotto trick when we have company for a meal!

How yelling can hurt and how to stop it– I can always use pointers like this!

Girl friendships have a lot of dynamics– loved the reminder that our kids are taking in our behaviors in our friendships too.

Truly awesome kitchen hacks– can’t wait to try a few of these out.

Gallery Wall

source: claire body designs

This gallery wall NAILED IT!

7 habits that will prepare your body for sleep– I am definitely working on this one!

I’ve always been curious about eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, I have poor follow through on good beauty habits!

Has anyone ever tried these? I’m terrible about cleaning my grill- ha!

Sheet Pan Chicken

source: simply recipes

This sheet pan meal looks perfect for a Spring feast!

This was your top purchase this week (and this girl just got a shipping notification that mine is in route- yay!)

What a fascinating piece on this show. I’m only in the second episode- are you guys watching?

I don’t use a bullet journal, but I love seeing how people do use these.

This 31-day career detox looks like a really good way to get my business back on track.

Comments of the Week:

Whoa. You have overwhelmed me with love and I couldn’t be more grateful after I shared a little about what life is REALLY like over here. I’m going to try to respond to each comment, but there were some gems in there, particularly if you also struggle with balancing your health & family. I also want to thank you for your compassion and encouragement to not be afraid to share this stuff with you. I struggle with creating the right balance here and it helps to know that you would rather see this side than the fakely polished one.

“I have lived with muscular dystrophy for the last 25 years. Some days are better than others. Fill the margins of your day with what works best for you…don’t try to fill them with ‘busyness’. Although you might feel briefly accomplished for the clean house, great meal, scratched off to do list, you may ultimately pay for it later. As I’ve grown older I’ve tried to embrace the nooks and crannies of my days instead of filling them up. Good luck to you!”- Lisa

“One of the things I so appreciate about your blog is that you ARE honest and open about your physical struggles. I think we as readers tend to only see bloggers as two dimensional–we only know what you tell us (unless you are ultra famous and the media gets involved) and since many bloggers only tell the good stuff (or only talk about cooking or whatever), then your lives look a little perfect from this end. Which, of course, they never are, but we can’t tell. So you, being honest with us, lets us in a tiny bit on the realities, and I want to say thank you for that. We ALL have something–a chronic condition, a special needs child, an addiction, depression, etc. All of us. And the more honest we are, the better off we all are, because help and healing are found in community. So, Thank you. Sincerely!”- Tina

“Oh Amy I totally understand since I live with chronic illness as well. I really like how you explained this and realized that before this I was very black and white as well. Now I can see I’ve shifted more to the gray side of life and you know what? It’s okay, in fact it’s so much better. Learning to be flexible and embracing the Plan B has been huge as well. I also work in the cracks…15 minutes up and then 30 minutes resting. I’m always amazed at what can be done when I focus hard for that short period of time. If there is anything I can do please let me know. So sorry you’ve been feeling crummy :(“- Laura

“Vulnerability is proof we are human and are a part of this race, that says my body doesn’t work sometimes, my heart is lagging but I can find the help, encouragement and love if I open my heart, I think in doing so, that lets our spirits soar. I know it’s not easy but it’s possible and we must rest, heal and then press on, as women. I love the song ” I lived” by One Republic. It says it all. Praying for you!”- Monica

“Thanks so much for being honest. I would love for you to share as much as you feel comfortable sharing on this hard journey, because it helps me have more empathy and compassion for you and many others who experience chronic, ongoing pain. And I think there is much we can all learn from it. Also, I’m so sorry you are carrying this. I can’t imagine how weighty, overwhelming, and discouraging it must feel so much of the time.”- Crystal

I think more of us live in the gray than we think. Social media makes us think either we’re great, perfect moms with perfect homes, or we’re neglectful and should be on an episode of Hoarders. Reality falls in the middle, and we have to figure out where we’re comfortable and what we can and can’t handle. Satisfaction is in the effort, not in the end result.”- Mindy

You may be here for me to teach you something, but you are teaching me so much more than I can give you! I am thankful to have such an incredible village by our side. I promise to share more as this journey unfold! xo

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