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Amy’s Notebook 04.22.15

Nacho Party via Camille Styles

Source: Camille Styles

What a fun party idea!

I need to add a few of these apps to my life.

Wow, it’s easy to see the differences in this picture review of 100 mascaras.

33 writers share the books that inspired them to write.

The first yes is the deepest.

ALDI is a growing menace to America’s grocery retailers – and I’ll just keep saving…

Some thoughts on living on $29 a week for food.

25 simple lifehacks- I really love #2!

Fit Volunteering in Your Life

Source: Life Hacker

How to fit volunteering into your packed schedule.

10 things you should know about your dishwasher.

Since the 1980s, Jeff Bridges has done something incredible on the set of all his movies.

7 ways Mad Men obsessed over historical details.

Paying off the mortgage early- yay or nay?

Your dose of house inspiration: an old hospital becomes a home.

A list of new podcasts to try- any favorites?

Shorts for Mom via JoLynneShane

Source: JoLynne Shane

Shorts for moms.

DIY blowout tutorial.

The more you know- all about estheticians.

3 bright lip colors for spring.

I’m inspired to do a projects update.

Isn’t it ironic? No, it’s coincidence.

This report is not surprising at all.


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