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Amy’s Notebook 04.05.2007

Be Mom of the Year:

Baby Cheapskate shares some fun (did I mention free?) Easter projects that you can do with the kiddos.

Like Merchant Ships shares a few tips on how to enjoy shopping with your children. The General Store idea that Meredith offers up is one of my favorites and I am looking forward to trying this with our kids.

Be Cheap:

Savvy Saver reminds us that the generic version of products is not always the cheapest. This is a great reminder to us to start checking the labels a bit more carefully.

Check out Personal Finance Advice’s ten simple ways that you can save on vitamins. There is lots of great information in this post, so don’t miss it!

My Money Blog has an excellent entry on the tricks that car salesman use to get you to buy cars from them.

Simply Thrifty reminds us to always ask local retailers if they are running any specials. I try to do this, but sometimes I do forget. Thanks for the reminder, Simply Thrifty!

Have a Martha Moment:

Visit Craftzine for a great tutorial on how to sew on flat buttons.

My dear buddy over at Harper Collins, the amazing Felicia Sullivan, is posting a contest on letter writing and I am definitely game for this. Thank you for encouraging us in using the good old pen & paper.

Get Inspired:

Not Made of Money shares some tips for running a really good garage sale. Throwing stuff on your lawn will not get you top dollar, but using these tips will.

Frugal Babe shares her latest score from her local Habitat for Humanity store. She offers inspiration on how to make something really work in your house to save yourself some cash.

Free Money Finance challenges you to find a new church if you can’t trust your current church with your money. It is a thought provoking piece of advice that is worthy of your time.

INNside Innkeeping has a great post on caring for and using your microwave. There is lots of great information in this post and this blog is quickly becoming a favorite on my feed.

Frugal Upstate has found a website that helps you read the Bible in a year and all of it is delivered to your email inbox. How easy is that?

News You Need to Know:

Apartment Therapy points toward an article on USA Today entitled, “How to Tell if You’re an Alpha Mom.” Anybody fall into this category?

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