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Amy’s Notebook 02.15.17

Closet Makeover

source: hi sugarplum

This closet makeover transformation is gorgeous.

Now this is a new way to look at packing your lunch- bahaha!

Being lonely is okay.  Doing something about it is better.  I feel so much of this in the stage we are in right now. Have you struggled to find your tribe?

I have devoured this book in about 24 hours flat! You must add it to your book stacks.

I love a good one pan dish and this One Pan Tuscan Garlic Chicken Tortellini looks like something you would enjoy at a high-end Italian restaurant. YUM!

Please feel free to soak my gummy bears in rosé. Wouldn’t that be a fun summer party treat?

Hulu does it again! Don’t forget to order a shirt to wear while you binge on this.

Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil from Damn Delicious

source: damn delicious

I love the idea of doing your shrimp boil on a sheet pan! This is going on our planner this week.

Sunday night habits of successful people.

For my crocheting friends, these crocheted arm warmers are too cute!

15 dirty spots you’re probably missing when you are cleaning. Noted!

I’m piecing together my spring capsule and got this top in ivory. It is PERFECTION and will be a perfect layering piece for my spring layers!

I also stocked up on my basic t-shirts. At this price- I could afford a couple! Love the high reviews on these.

I’m going to have to try this plant fake-out technique since our house doesn’t get a lot of light. Just don’t look too closely so you can be impressed.

Comment of the Week (from Two Twenty-One)- I COULD KISS YOU!!! I ordered a pair of Sienna Ugg rainboots because I thought my calves may be too big for the Shayes. The Siennas are almost too big! This never happens!!! Thank you!!! Also, if you haven’t yet, check out Bella Vita– LOVE their stuff!!

Noted! I’ve never heard of Bella Vita, but I’m all over it now! So fun- love your comments, friends!! xo

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