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Amy’s Notebook 02.03.16

DIY Snow Paint via Design Mom

Source: Design Mom

A great way to put old markers to good use.

Love the colors and vertical storage solutions in this home.

How to read 100 books a year.

The cult of Marie Kondo.

I’m madly in love with this wall hanging made from a mop! Who would have guessed?

Which Oscar-nominated movies were adapted from books? Catch up on all the books and movies before the Academy Awards on Feb. 28th!

The authors of “The Color Purple” and “Brooklyn” compare notes on Hollywood, others adapting their work, and how real life has informed their fiction.

How to Hang a Large Photo via Jones Design Co.

Source: Jones Design Co.

How to hang a large photo print without a frame- what a genius hack!

Great tips for winter skin.

I’m reading this book and absolutely loving it!

16 winter novels you’ll want to stay in and read.

An inspiring small space home.

Great advice for running a successful book club!

Oh, my kids will enjoy this interview a lot!

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