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Amy’s Notebook 01.24.07

I love this idea for making your own grocery bags out of a bed sheet. This produce bag tutorial is great too!

I think these coffee filter roses are so pretty!

These blueberry heart pancakes look so yummy!

These birthday party ideas and gift ideas for a 3 yr old are so amazing. Don’t you just want to *be* this cool of a mom? PS- This little boy is beautiful- he is going to be a heartbreaker with those cute curls.

I am going to have to keep checking this round-up for the best vacuum cleaners.

I am going to make some of this cheesy bread the next time I entertain.

Here is another way I can use my herbs from my garden for next year. This will look so elegant on our table!

These roasted chicken legs look like they would be yummy and economical…

This floor tile organizer is so inventive!

Who can resist a hot bowl of potato soup for a yummy mummy lunch?

I am bookmarking these Valentine Marshmallow Treats for a fun snack for school.

Weeding through my bathroom closet is on my priority list for next month.

I love these tips for coffee storage.

Isn’t this matching memory game so creative? Thanks to Whip Up for finding that one!

I am going to have to keep my eye out for giant old televisions because I love this bar idea. So brilliant!

Another thrift store item to look for, old ugly lamps so I make them beautiful like this one!

I love this idea for all of our free magnets laying around.

I just ordered a vacation book for Indiana after reading about taking a vacation in my own state.

This art table rocks- thanks GoodyBlog for sharing this great link!

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Amy Clark

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