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Amy’s Notebook 01.03.17

Organizing Christmas Decorations

source: apartment therapy

Lots of great tips for packing away your Christmas decorations.

Reading this incredible and heartbreaking book. The way this author writes requires you to read passages out loud.

Looking forward to getting back to my podcast listening with this list.

Why time management is ruining our lives.

This wellness challenge looks like a great way to start your year.

These are the best books of 2016 based on all the lists. How many have you read? I’m clocking in at 5 so far!

A strong grilled cheese game, for sure!

This middle school gig is tough!

Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup

source: thirty handmade days

This slow cooker chicken pot pie soup looks so warm and comforting!

A year of dinners to inspire you in 2017.

Nail tough dishes and techniques with this post.

These are the books to read to prepare for this year’s television season!

Tax Organization Tips

source: i heart organizing

I want to do better with my receipts and tax paperwork in the new year.

10 important morning habits of super successful women– I need this nudge!

Well, that was terrifying.

I can’t rave enough about this board game. Short rounds, belly laughs, and the entire family absolutely loves it!

In 2017, pay yourself first. I love these ideas for building financial security.

Bookmarking these recipes for my menu planner- yum!

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