To Die For Pot Roast Sandwiches

Sometimes it is nice to have a recipe in your back pocket that you can throw on the dinner table in minutes and that will leave everyone feeling full and satisfied. This week my children will both start school and for the first time in my life, I am going to have a few hours on my own. I am sure there will be many more blog entries about this momentous occasion, but in the meantime I want to focus on the usefulness of that slow cooker that might be gathering dust in your kitchen.

When the school season starts, our slow cooker is the best tool that I can arm myself with to get dinner on the table. There are so many things that you can make in the slow cooker that are satisfying and will leave you with lots of yummy leftovers for the week.

This recipe is one of my favorites from our One Month with Your Slow Cooker article. If you haven’t seen this article, it is THE best tool for busy moms who want ideas for slow cooker meals that are true show-stoppers in the kitchen. I entertain with these dishes, I share them when I bring meals to families in need, and our family eats from these thirty recipes about once a week.

You will notice that few of our recipes have convenience foods or mixes in them, but this roast is my one exception to the rule. Do your best to look for low-sodium mixes though and avoid adding any salt to this recipe. These three little mixes and some water make the most flavorful roast. Not a hint of dryness in this roast and the leftovers heat up perfectly for a special lunch.

I shared the leftovers with my mom and served these sandwiches with multi-grain chips with salsa and a delicious batch of blueberry iced tea.

To Die For Pot Roast

1 beef roast – any kind (I look for roasts that are between 3-5 pounds)
1 package dried brown gravy mix (look for low-sodium varieties)
1 package dried Italian salad dressing mix (look for low-sodium varieties)
1 package dried ranch dressing mix (look for low-sodium varieties)
1 cup water

Place beef roast in slow cooker. Mix the dried mixes together in a bowl and sprinkle over the roast. Pour the water around the roast. Cook on low for seven to nine hours.

Do you have a favorite slow cooker recipe to share? I would love to get some new ideas for the school year! Please share!

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