Spring-y Break Day One

We match perfectly! You know, me and the color red– I am enforcing the color on my kid now too!

Peeking Out

My handsome hubby!

Emily was not looking forward to her picture being taken. It was keeping her from the swings! Remember, it is painful to have our pictures done with our mommy!

A fun day at the park with the kids was how we decided to kick off our spring break! It was a beautiful day outside and we couldn’t resist taking advantage of such a perfect day. I have missed the kids so much and they enjoyed a whole day of fun & sunshine with us!

We are looking forward to a fun week ahead and I have lots of ideas for fun & cheap things that I can do with them while we are on break. Ryan is back to work, after taking vacation time for my trip, so it will be just the three of us during the day this week.

Sound Off: Any big plans Spring Breakers?

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