Spring Break Day Four

Today we went for the free day at our local Healthworks Museum. On the 8th day of each month this year, they offer free admission and I thought this would be a fun (and affordable) activity to do with the kids. Apparently every parent in our community thought the same thing because there were over 200 people in that one room museum. It was complete insanity and I was feeling a little panicky because I couldn’t keep an eye on both kids at the same time. I met my friend Kyra, from Kids Around the Bend and my friend Katie, who helped me keep an eye on Ethan while I tailed Emily around the museum, but we were all overwhelmed with so many children there!

Emily really loved the food displays that shared what foods to eat and how our food is digested. The pumpkin was a definite favorite and she carried it around with her.

Lots of food puzzles were there for the kids to put together.

Do you see anything funny growing in the garden? Ethan pops up among the flowers.

They had a cute little market stand where the kids could weigh, purchase, and sell food. Emily and Ethan spent a lot of time there.

We planned to head over to the Chocolate Cafe to see the new kid’s play area and have lunch there, but Emily was BESIDE herself and threw the biggest tantrum of the century in the play area. Tears were shed all around as Ethan lost his “lucky” balloon as soon as we walked outside and Emily continued to throw her tantrum all the way out to the car. I think we were all overwhelmed with the amount of people at both locations.

At least we saved some money by eating lunch at home and Emily headed straight to bed for her nap!

I am planning to head back to the Chocolate Cafe another time with just Ethan though- we have both been looking forward to visiting it and seeing the new play area.

All in all, not the best day for Emily, but Ethan had a fabulous time!

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