Spring Break Day Five

On the fifth day of Spring Break, my true love gave to me….Wait! That’s not how it goes! Well, on day five of our break we had my sister and nephews over for dinner. I made chicken tacos and a tray of Rice Krispie treats for dessert.

When my sister comes over it is a built-in playgroup for us. There are only six months between Emily & Jackson and nine months between Austin & Ethan. The kids play so well together that the two of us can spend a lot of time with our feet kicked up so it works out great for us.

At the end of the evening, my sister invited Ethan over to stay the night for the boy’s first sleepover. Ethan goes to his grandparent’s house frequently, but he hasn’t gotten the chance to do a sleepover with a friend yet. We had our fingers crossed that it would go well.

The boys did good until they got up super early and were both just a mess by noon. I met my sister halfway to pick the boys up (to save us both on gas and driving time since she lives two towns away). Total cost was $1.50 to pay for tolls to get to our meeting location and gas.

We asked the two little ones to pose for a picture and this is what resulted- they both laid down and arched their backs. Yeah, this is the stage we are going through right now!

Emily loved watching the two older boys play on the Wii. They used it to draw silly pictures for her and it was cracking her up.

Ethan & Austin are best buddies! I just loved this shot of them!

I might be partial, but aren’t my nephews adorable? Jackson is obsessed with playing ball right now and actually took one of our balls home because he couldn’t part with it.

And what do my sister and I do while the boys play? We eat and eat and eat and eat. I don’t know why we do this, but that is what we did. There were hardly any Rice Krispie treats left after all of our eating!

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