Sorry- Issues

We are still having issues with the site. We have a temporary fix up, but we are missing a lot of stuff. Our web host’s server went down and we were without our site being up for three days. They moved us to a temporary server until the problem can be resolved and then we will hopefully be able to switch back.

This is my own personal little version of hell. I am not getting all of my email, the pictures for our blog are on the old server, portions of our site aren’t displaying, and our forum is not runing. I am pretty much helpless until all of this is resolved.

Please be assured that the giveaway will be extended the amount of days it takes to get back on track. I apologize that this is happening, unfortunately we are at our web host’s mercy until they resolve their issues.

I don’t know what else to say except that I am sorry and please be patient with us. We have never had this many problems before and I am very discouraged that this has happened.

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