Small-Budget Crushes 05.07.19

Happy Mother’s Day to yourself- hahaha! Here are a few things on my wish list! xo

wireless charging backpack (great Mother’s Day gift to oneself- comes in several hues)

dog bowl water bowl

naturalizer shoes deal-of-the-day (can’t beat these prices!)

peel and stick tile (GORGEOUS!!)

classic button down (two hues and under $20!)

introverted but willing to discuss books t-shirt

floral sports bra

lace midi dress (so many colors- perfect for wedding and graduation season!)

hadley tied top (so many colors!!)

spice girl t-shirt


faux wrap bell sleeve dress (several pretty prints)

ballet back stripes

a teacher affects eternity

enchantment jumpsuit (this is perfect for weddings!!)

belted drapey joggers (so many gorgeous colors!)

fit and flare dress (use coupon code STYLE for 40% off!!)

prep college cookbook (what a great grad gift!)

color block leggings

pocket utensil set


gold accent table

one question a day book (fabulous wedding gift idea!)

pink blazer

ultra stretch jeggings (several hues and incredible reviews!!)

palm print skirt

relaxed t-shirt (so many colors!)

Keep on window shopping by visiting all of my Small-Budget Crushes. This post contains affiliate links!! xoxoxo

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