Small-Budget Crushes 03.06.17

Introverting Mug

introverting mug

Strappy Back Maxi Dress

strappy back maxi dress (use code NEWNOW for 40% off)

So. Much.

so much art print

Straw Tote

straw tote

Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee

whisper cotton v-neck tee

monogrammed easter totes

monogrammed easter totes

Messy Bun Beanie

messy bun beanie

Embroidered Swing Dress

embroidered swing dress


shakespeare nail art

shakespeare nail art

Nina Yoga Socks

nina yoga socks

woven pendant light

woven pendant light

how's my downdog?how’s my downdog tank

Lemon Metal Stacking Chairs

lemon metal stacking chairs



not a regular mom teenot a regular mom tee (great mom’s day gift!)

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