Small-Budget Crushes 01.22.19

So many beautiful things caught my eye this week! xo

faux teddy coat

split top storage bench

raised by books

harry potter crest cookie cutters

heroes tee

tile backsplash stickers

video games puzzle

long wrap cardigan

martin luther king jr. mug

floral bandana (take ADDITIONAL 40% OFF SALES using coupon code DOUBLEYAY)

pocket tin bluetooth speaker

cozy convertible tunic (so many hues & 40% off!!)

wool blanket poncho

block heel booties (now 60% off!!)

bookish yoga mat

razor blade sharpener

floating art print

holiday wreath storage bag

reusable produce bags

paint stripe tote (now 50% off!!)

old books candles

unseen: unpublished black history

keep it tie-dy storage rack

identity theft stamp (SO SMART!!)

Keep on window shopping by visiting all of my Small-Budget Crushes. This post contains affiliate links!! xoxoxo

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