Share the Love: Great Blogs That Moms Should Read

I gain the most inspiration for my blog and my life through other bloggers. In order to fill our notebooks each week and to keep things fresh on here, I read a variety of blogs!

I wanted to highlight just a handful of great bloggers that make my world go round. I will continue adding to this list, but these are just a few of the people that have made my life better. I encourage you to add them to your daily reading to help breath inspiration into your life. As I write this I realize how many special friends I am overlooking. I promise to try to do this regularly so I can include each and everyone of you that have done so much for me!

Simply Simple Living

Small Notebook– Rachel is one of my absolute favorite bloggers and has been for a long time. Her blog is clean and easy to read with simply great information on simple living to help inspire you. I would say that the blog helps me to maintain my focus to spend less, organize more, and prioritize better. She is also a fantastic person and I look forward to reading her blog each week!

Simple Mom– Tsh has truly been one mom that I admire greatly because of her dedication and focus on simplifying life. Her tagline, “Live simply, stay sane.” really resonates with the person I strive to be. Her posts inspire me to declutter, to look at playing with my children in new ways, and challenge me to be a better home manager. Her community is fantastic and I love to read the comments that are generated after her entries. If you are not reading Simple Mom, I encourage you to add it to your reader for inspiration.

Simply Beautiful Decor

A Soft Place to Land– Kimba is one of my favorite bloggers to read to breathe inspiration into our home decor. When I see her projects and easy DIY tutorials, I think to myself, “I could totally do that!” Whether it be ping pong wreaths or decorating my front step, I am constantly inspired by her approachable nature towards home decor. She is about the sweetest person I have ever met and I am so proud to call her one of my friends. Run to her blog today!

Nesting Place– The Nester is a legend, in my book. When I saw her at a conference, I think I gasped a little because I was seeing her in person. She was so famous in my eyes- hundreds of comments and the most fantastic home decor I had ever seen. I never said anything to her and I felt a little sick about it when I got home…to which she apologized to me later and said she was afraid to talk to me because she thought I was big time. Seriously? Which is exactly why we all should talk to the people we think are big time because they may think you are big time…which is a vicious and horrible cycle. Even though I am kicking myself for not seizing my moment with her, The Nester has given me the opportunity to look at my home decor in a whole new way. In fact, I will never look at window treatments the same again. She is thrifty, humble, and a generous giver of advice on her blog.

The Inspired Room– Melissa’s blog is full of her life’s theme…authentic living. I love an authentic life and you immediately get the feeling that Melissa is just as authentic as her blog. She offers thrifty advice on home decor and achieving the coveted look of magazine-living in a budget-conscious and real-life design.

Simply Amazing Foodies

goodLife {eats}– If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, look no further than Katie and her beautifully designed blog. I love that Katie’s recipes inspire me to incorporate fresh foods in our diet and that she makes cooking easy and effortless. There is rarely a recipe that I see there that I don’t want to try. You will love her blog- I promise!

Dine & Dish– I have been reading Dine & Dish for a long time now, but only recently had the opportunity to finally meet Kristen in person. I don’t know how to explain this, but hugging her felt a little bit like coming home. She immediately feels like an old friend and is so generous and warm in spirit. She has a way of weaving stories of her home and life into beautiful recipes that you have to share around your dinner table. Her food photography is stunning and she is just one of those bloggers that shares what she knows without hesitation. I love people like that! Please be sure to visit her new Clicks 4 a Cause and find out how you can help her sweet friend Ann (or raise funds on your blog for a cause of your own)

Simply Crafty Mommas

Make & Takes– If you haven’t visited this site for crafting inspiration, then you need to. Marie is a fantastic momma who inspires me to create with my kids. Her crafts are simple and straightforward. She isn’t afraid to get a little dirty with the glue and scissors and she inspires me to craft with my children. I love that her projects are approachable for those of us who were born without that crafting gene.

zakka life– This is a blog that is often featured in our weekly Notebook because I get so much crafty inspiration from it. Jessica has some of the best crafts for kids and I just love her tutorials for families. I wish I had a creative mind like her, but I just don’t. I will settle for reading her fantastic blog each week though to get ideas that will score me the coolest mom on the block points.

Simply Great Deal Finders

Money Saving Mom– Crystal is a good steward of her finances and I adore her blog for just that reason. She has a knack for finding the best deals and offers sound financial advice on how to get those finances back on track. She is as genuine as they come and I guarantee you that if you add her to your reader, you can rest assured that she can find those deals for you and guide you down a positive financial path.

Freebies 4 Mom– Heather is a fantastic blogger who shares all of the best freebies on the web. She not only shares information about freebies, but also about great deals you can score with coupons when you hit the grocery store. I am a huge fan of her Money 4 Moms section which shares creative ways that moms can make a little extra cash on the side. Add her to your regular reading and you will definitely benefit from it!

Not enough blogs to read? Be sure to add some of these blogs to your weekly reads!

Zen Habits for productivity
The Simple Dollar for better money management
Soule Mama for crafting and creative parenting inspiration
Design Mom for design and decor inspiration
Daily Danny for eco-friendly living, crafting, and decor

Share the love today! Who are some of your favorite bloggers to read? Who makes your blogging world spin around?

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