Santa Spotting

We went to a friend’s holiday open house and Santa happened to stop by to see the children. As we were too sick to make it over to see our amazing mall Santa (he truly is!), we decided this was a perfect opportunity to get the kid’s special visit in with Santa.

Pictured here is how polite our son is… some of the time anyway! He is raising his hand and saying, “Excuse me, Santa! Santa, excuse me! I need to speak with you”

Ethan quickly plops down in Santa’s lap and talks his ear off. A last minute change of plans occurrs where his original plan of getting a Monster Truck was now changed and he wanted a Hummer Truck that he could ride in (price tag of $300). He says Santa told him to write it all out and he would see what he could do. Unfortunately, Santa already shopped and Santa did not have $300 in the Santa fund to spend. What can I say? Our Santa is cheap.
Emily is watching Ethan talk with Santa and is really excited to see him. I mean, you can just see it in her face. I know that this is the year that we get that amazing shot of her with Santa. This will not be a repeat of last year. She is going to look so cute on Santa’s lap….Oh! We are getting excited now. I hand her over to Santa and all of a sudden…
Santa looks at me and says, “Oh no! There is something wrong with this one” (All pictures can be expanded for real-life detail and trauma we invoked on our child)

Better luck next year, I say! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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