Reminder: Glad to Give Bake Sale on Friday

Friday is our big bake sale day and I have been hard at work in my kitchen to share a fun, healthy, and easy recipe that could be shared at your next bake sale. Bake sale goodies are a specialty in our kitchen and for a moment’s worth of effort; you can produce dozens of goodies and treats for fundraising efforts.

This is a very special bake sale though because we are raising funds for the Glad to Give organization to help pediatric cancer research. Every single day, 36 children are diagnosed with cancer.  Sadly, one in every five children diagnosed dies. How heartbreaking for the parents of these children and for the children that are suffering, especially if more money could just be allocated to the cause to further cancer research. That is where our virtual bake sale comes in.

I am hosting a little bake sale tour and I am excited to show you what one winner (drawn randomly) will receive for participating. This goodie basket contains an apron with matching pot holders, silicone reusable bake cups, measuring spoons, a wire whisk, cupcake sprinkles, a new egg timer and, “The Best Bake Sale Ever Cookbook.”

I hope that you will consider participating and sharing a favorite baking recipe in honor of this campaign. It would mean the world to me, but it would mean a world more to the families of these children! Start gathering those recipes and think of the ways that you could help with my virtual bake sale. I can’t do it without you!

Meet back here on Friday morning to join in the fun and help raise awareness about the Glad to Give Campaign.

Disclaimer: I was paid for this campaign and invested every dollar back into it to spread the word about pediatric cancer. It is far better to give than to receive. I hope you will consider doing the same!

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